[arin-ppml] Please express support for 2016-6 Eliminate HD Ratio from NRPM

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Mon Aug 8 22:59:37 EDT 2016

Speaking as the proposal author and not in my role as a member of the AC:

HD Ratio has become a vestigial element in ARIN policy with one exception.

It still applies to the never-actually-used community networks policy.

Unfortunately, the presence of HD Ratio in the policy manual is, in fact, creating confusion,
including a member of ARIN staff using it in presentations.

I would like to see this cleaned up sooner rather than later in the interests of not creating
even more confusion around IPv6 deployment. As such, I’m hoping that this will be able to go
to the October meeting as a Recommended Draft Policy rather than as a Draft which would require
it to again go to another ARIN meeting or PPC as an RDP.

So far, there’s been no real discussion of the policy and one comment in support from a fellow
AC member.

It would be very helpful in moving this forward if the community would express their opinions
on the policy either in favor or in opposition.

Thank you.


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