[arin-ppml] ARIN 2-Byte ASN inventory and issuance (was: Re: 2-byte ASN policy)

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Thu Apr 7 15:36:27 EDT 2016

> On Apr 7, 2016, at 3:24 PM, Scott Leibrand <scottleibrand at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks, John.
> It sounds to me like ARIN is already doing the right thing (saving 2-byte ASNs for people who specifically want them), and that is sufficient for the time being.  It does not appear that additional restrictions on who may request a 2-byte ASN are necessary at this time.  If at some point 5+ years down the road the rate of 2-byte ASN demand starts to exceed the recovered supply and the 2-byte ASN inventory is depleted, we can consider a waiting list and/or technical requirements for requesting a 2-byte ASN at that time.
> Is there any other reason we need to consider taking action sooner?  Was there something else I'm missing that prompted ARIN staff to start the consultation process around a 2-byte ASN waiting list?

It was unclear if the present 2-byte AS number inventory would last sufficiently
long (i.e. past the point of operational impact) to avoid the need for a wait-list.

Having now reviewed the data, the need for wait-list is at present trajectory is
likely 5 years out.  It is up to the community whether it is worth working now to
address the potential situation that may occur at that time.


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