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What about a policy including a grace period before reissue? For instance the FCC will not reissue a call sign for two years after validation. This allows the original licensee to correct the issue and come back into good grace. What if ARIN started handling resources in that manner? They could start by posting in arrears notice on the records when the bill is unreasonably past due. At one year they could list the record as revoked, and at two years reissue if the offending party hasn’t dealt with it?

Bill -

   We present provide a grace period of 30 days even after revocation.
   Note that this period was shortened incrementally down to 30 days
   as IPv4 free pool depleted, and this allows for reasonably timely
   reuse of recovered address space for those who are on the waiting

   For IP address blocks, parties will often notice even before revocation
   because we suspend services (e.g. reverse DNS) at 120 days from
   past due (note that this is done after two collection emails, a certified
   collection letter, a final collection notice, direct calls to listed contacts,
   and letter of pending revocation have all already been sent at 30, 60,
   75, 90, and 100 days past due…)   The resources are then quarantined
   for 60 more days before actually initiating revocation. Once the quarantine
   expires (approximately 187 days from past due), the resources  are finally
   revoked and placed into hold status for 30 days.  Reinstatement during
   this 30 day hold “grace” period is possible.

   If the community wishes to change the grace period, that can be
   suggested via the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion process
   <https://www.arin.net/participate/acsp/>.  Alternatively, if there exists
   consensus in the community, then the grace period for each specific
   type of resource (IPv4, IPv6, and ASN32, ASN64) could be established
   by number resource policy.   (We try to avoid creating number resource
   policy for operational matters, but it can be argued that the grace period
   has a direct affect on availability of number resources in some cases.)


John Curran
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