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On Apr 5, 2016, at 1:43 AM, David Farmer <farmer at umn.edu<mailto:farmer at umn.edu>> wrote:
On Mon, Apr 4, 2016 at 11:56 PM, Seth Mattinen <sethm at rollernet.us<mailto:sethm at rollernet.us>> wrote:

If the ASN gets legitimately issued to someone else and the squatter proceeds to hijack it from the legitimate registrant they should be turned off if the ISP is going to do the right thing according to whois.


If you forgot to pay your bill and ARIN reissues your ASN, it's a matter of perspective who the hijacker is.

David -

You may hold an interesting perspective in this area, but I must note that any
misappropriation of rights (of the new resource holder) would actually be a
simple matter of law.

I'm not saying it's OK to not pay your bill, but how punitive should we be asking ARIN staff to be?  Especially, if ARIN staff has every reason to believe the organization using the ASN is the original registrant?

We already allow for recovery by the previous registrant (via reinstatement)
if the resources have not yet been reissued.  This is allowed even after multiple
emails, calls, and formal notice that the resources are going to be revoked.
(See https://www.arin.net/fees/reinstatement.html for specifics.)   As someone
who gets involved in panicked reinstatement situations, I highly recommend
that folks maintain accurate contact information and pay their invoices.

Ironically, consistent annual billing is one of the few effective mechanisms for
maintaining accurate contact information in Whois, and folks should carefully
consider the implications to long-term accuracy of the registry in any policy
proposals that would alter the revocation portion of this process.

And if we the internet routing community are not will to be the bad guys and stop routing it after ARIN staff signals us by removing it from the registry.  When what are we really expecting?

We're not being very forthright, if we ask ARIN staff to break things that we the internet routing community are not will to break ourselves.

The difference may lie in the fact that ARIN will consistently follow community
guidance (for better or worse ;-), whereas the operator community is not likely
to be as consistent in its application of even commonly accepted norms and


John Curran
President and CEO

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