[arin-ppml] 2-byte ASN policy

Jon Lewis jlewis at lewis.org
Mon Apr 4 20:17:09 EDT 2016

On Mon, 4 Apr 2016, David Huberman wrote:

> 1) It's a trade-off, right?  A network operator who absolutely must have 
> a 2-byte either has equipment that hasn't been updated in 6+ years, or 
> is having an issue like BGP communities where the solution they want to 
> implement requires a 2-byte (rather than what Owen is talking about). 
> Their network, their rules.  So if they want a 2-byte, and ARIN has 
> inventory of 2-bytes -- but they're found in the DFZ -- that requires 
> the network operator to make a decision.

If both networks point default at a transit provider, traffic exchange 
can still work...but as Job said, they will (by default) ignore each 
other's routes regardless of how many AS-hops separate them.

> 2) ARIN staff (me!) spent many years trying to get upstreams to help us 
> deal with the backlog of ASNs which were (from a Registry perspective) 
> being squatted on. And these arent published in Whois btw. But it was 
> simply too much volume to handle.  The upstreams are primarily concerned 
> with profit, and customer relations, and this was very much a low 
> priority.  Then add in high volume for 7018 or someone like that, and it 
> became completely untenable.  In your scenario, it's less volume.  But 
> success in this path is not an expectation I would want to set for 
> anyone who is fine taking a routed ASN.

If ARIN has a large pool of ASNs which it believes ARIN is responsible 
for, and are not being paid for, i.e. ASN squatters, then WTH are these 
ASN's not published in whois as Unused/Reserved/Reclaimed/whatever 
term/language ARIN comes up with that clearly identifies the ASN as not 
belonging to whoever might be trying to use it?  That just might help 
deter transit providers from allowing customers to use them.  An automated 
periodic email to peeringdb/whois contacts for the immediate upstream ASNs 
would at least notify/remind networks that they're providing transit to an 
org squatting on an ASN.

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