[arin-ppml] ARIN forcing everyone to sign the new RSA?

David Huberman David.Huberman at microsoft.com
Thu Oct 29 18:48:42 EDT 2015


I was very surprised to learn today that an established Org at ARIN, with an RSA signed in calendar year 2015, is being forced to sign a new version 12 RSA in order to obtain services on additional IP addresses.

ARIN: what is the justification for forcing all registrants* into Version 12?

Also, what are the actual rules and where are they published?  Do I have to sign a new RSA any time I get a new AS number? What if I justify an additional IPv6 block? How about if I want to participate in RPKI? Or IRR? What if I clear the waiting list?


David R Huberman
Principal, Global IP Addressing
Microsoft Corporation

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