[arin-ppml] Deleting unnecessary NRPM 4 text

Scott Leibrand scottleibrand at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 17:12:35 EDT 2015

In light of this afternoon's discussion about simplification of the NPRM, I
thought I'd dust off a post-exhaustion NRPM 4 simplification proposal I
wrote a couple years ago.  There are a lot of parts that need updating in
light of more recent modifications (expect another email later), but there
are a few that seem rather simple and uncontroversial.  Can anyone think of
any reason not to submit a proposal with all four of these?  Anyone
interested in (co-)authoring it?

1. Delete from 4.1.6 Aggregation the text that reads “ARIN may reserve
space to maximize aggregation possibilities until the implementation of
section, at which time”

Rationale: remove inoperative text

2. Delete section Annual Renewal.

Rationale: Remove operational details (already covered by the RSA and ARIN
procedures) from NRPM.

3. Delete section Use of /24

Rationale: After exhaustion, many organizations can no longer get a /24
from their upstream ISP, and need to be able to get their initial
allocation from ARIN.

4. Delete section VLSM

Rationale: VLSM and CIDR are now standard practice, and don’t need to be
called out in NRPM.

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