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Does ARIN staff feel this is needed to support how they asses transfers?

Right now I don't support this proposal.   Based on experience I don't see a problem.

Additionally this could have a side effect of letting larger money endowed entities to purchase more address space faster and deplete the chances smaller entities had on the market.  This would shorten the life span of the v4 market.

Marla Azinger

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Dear Colleagues,

It's been almost two months since ARIN 2015-7 was submitted.  Anyone have thoughts on "Simplified requirements for demonstrated need for IPv4 transfers"?

The AC would love your input.

Draft policy text follows:

Draft Policy ARIN-2015-7
Simplified requirements for demonstrated need for IPv4 transfers

Date: 23 June 2015

Problem statement:

ARIN transfer policy currently inherits all its demonstrated need requirements for IPv4 transfers from NRPM sections 4. Because that section was written primarily to deal with free pool allocations, it is much more complicated than is really necessary for transfers. In practice, ARIN staff applies much more lenient needs assessment to section 8 IPv4 transfer requests than to free pool requests, as 24-month needs are much more difficult to assess to the same level of detail.

This proposal seeks to dramatically simplify the needs assessment process for 8.3 transfers, while still allowing organizations with corner-case requirements to apply under existing policy if necessary.

Policy statement:

8.1.x Simplified requirements for demonstrated need for IPv4 transfers

IPv4 transfer recipients must demonstrate (and an officer of the requesting organization must attest) that they will use at least 50% of their aggregate IPv4 addresses (including the requested resources) on an operational network within 24 months.

Organizations that do not meet the simplified criteria above may instead demonstrate the need for number resources using the criteria in section
4 of the NRPM.


a. Timetable for implementation: Immediate

b. Anything else

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