[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2015-5: Out of region use

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
Tue Jun 23 20:14:32 EDT 2015

On 6/23/2015 1:06 PM, ARIN wrote:
> Draft Policy ARIN-2015-5
> Out of region use

I support this policy. The whole point of the Internet and all sorts of 
subsequent technologies such as ubiquitous virtualization, virtual 
networks and the like is that physical location does not and should not 
matter. If I am legitimately using IP addresses on the global Internet 
and for whatever reason wish to move around where I am using which 
addresses, the regional nature of the registries (a convenience created 
to make it easier for people to "get addresses locally") should not 
restrict this.

There is no legitimate reason why policy should prevent me from 
suspending a rack full of running VMs here at my house and resuming them 
a few seconds later on the other side of the planet, using exactly the 
same IP addresses they're using now.

To the extent I wish to acquire more addresses, it is reasonable for 
there to be a requirement that I have a real business presence of some 
sort in the region where I'm requesting the space.

Matthew Kaufman
matthew at matthew.at

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