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Richard Jimmerson richardj at arin.net
Tue Jun 23 17:11:02 EDT 2015

Hello Adam,

Thank you for submitting these questions about fraud reporting.

We have found the fraud reporting system to be very helpful over the past few years. We receive many different types of fraud reports through this system. Some of them have helped ARIN begin investigations that have resulted in both the recovery of falsely registered resources and the denial of some IPv4 requests that might have otherwise been issued resources.

From: Adam Thompson <athompso at athompso.net<mailto:athompso at athompso.net>>

1) when someone submits a fraud report to ARIN, how are they supposed to communicate additional information on that ticket? Nothing in the responses from ARIN provide a URL or email address for submitting further information. If the complainant submits further information through the fraud reporting form online, a brand new ticket gets created with no linkage to the original.

2) how long should someone expect to wait to hear back from a human? Even an acknowledgement (non-automated) would go a long way to addressing the feeling most people would have that their submission went into a black hole.

Fraud reports receive an initial automated response from ARIN.

The majority of the fraud reports we receive are out of scope. These often include someone attempting to sell services to ARIN or to lodge a complaint about the poor quality of service being delivered by their ISP. Not all fraud reports receive a response from a human at ARIN, for this reason.

In the case of a legitimate fraud report, we respond to the reporter letting them know we are looking into the issue. Once this communication has been made, ARIN and the person reporting the fraud are engaged in a ticketed email exchange. We typically are able to respond within a few business days, however our response times have slowed in the past months due to an increased workload related to the depletion of the IPv4 resource pool.

If you have submitted a report in the last fourteen days, you should hear back from us shortly. You are also welcome to contact us via our telephone help-desk for status information.

3) why can't I submit a fraud report if I'm logged in to ARIN online? Claiming it's about anonymity is questionable when any complainant has to provide contact info anyway!

Tickets submitted in ARIN Online are visible to other points of contact associated with the same organization. We require users submit fraud reports outside of ARIN Online for that reason. Even so, users should still be able to submit information using the fraud reporting tool without having to log out of ARIN Online. We will take a closer look to make sure that is working.

Thank you again.

Richard Jimmerson
CIO & Acting Director of Registration Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers

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