[arin-ppml] Fraud reporting question

Nate Davis ndavis at arin.net
Tue Jun 23 13:05:43 EDT 2015

This is probably not the right place to ask, but I'm unsure where to best ask.
And at least it's somewhat relevant given recent talk of large actors in the CNNIC area gaming ARIN...

1) when someone submits a fraud report to ARIN, how are they supposed to communicate additional information on that ticket? Nothing in the responses from ARIN provide a URL or email address for submitting further information. If the complainant submits further information through the fraud reporting form online, a brand new ticket gets created with no linkage to the original.

2) how long should someone expect to wait to hear back from a human? Even an acknowledgement (non-automated) would go a long way to addressing the feeling most people would have that their submission went into a black hole.

3) why can't I submit a fraud report if I'm logged in to ARIN online? Claiming it's about anonymity is questionable when any complainant has to provide contact info anyway!

So, not policy-related per se, yet it sort-of is.

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Adam – I wanted to acknowledge receipt of your questions posted to PPML and let you know that we will respond as
soon as possible.  Many of us, involved in the responses to your questions, are in various meetings today but will
reply back to you (and PPML) as soon as we can.


Nate Davis
Chief Operating Officer
American Registry for Internet Numbers
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