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On Jun 5, 2015, at 3:39 PM, William Herrin <bill at herrin.us<mailto:bill at herrin.us>> wrote:
Call it the transfer GPL: I ask that the receipient registry's
outbound transfer policy be little more onerous than our own, but at
the same time sufficiently diligent as to prevent addresses from
eventually landing at a registry which either directly prevents
outbound transfers or engages such onerous practices as effectively
prevent outbound transfers.

A transfer GPL is relatively straightforward; i.e. a set of common
requirements that a transfer policy must meet to be deemed compliant.

The key thing is that each transfer in a sequence should comply with
the rules of every registry in the sequence, not just the two
registries involved in that particular step.

I have read the above sentence several times, and do hope that you
do not intend its plain meaning.   I would hope instead you mean -
“The key thing is that each transfer in a sequence should be approved by
registries whose transfer policy meets the transfer common requirements.”

The cooldown timer resolves this by simply saying: there shall be no
sequence of transfers leading outregion. You have to hold and use the
addresses long enough that the next transfer is independent.

The requirement is that "key" paragraph. The long timer is one
mechanism which contributes to meeting the requirement.

So is safe to presume that you wish a long hold timer for the common
transfer requirements?

I would set hard requirements on -how- they achieve that effect only
if there's no other practical way to assure that they -do- achieve
that effect.

To allow each registry its own approach to the problem than requires
that each registry review the approach used by the other and decide
if they will accept it, and then communicate that to the others.  This is
an (n)! situation and does not appear practice (as opposed to simply
establishing a clear reference approach which can be readily and
independently confirmed.   Thoughts?

Answered, and I stand by to refine and clarify as needed.

One would hope so, as you may be headed into a policy proposal
of remarkable complexity...


John Curran
President and CEO

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