[arin-ppml] On IPv4 free pool runout and transfer policy requirements for the ARIN region

Mike Burns mike at iptrading.com
Fri Jun 5 12:39:42 EDT 2015

Put simply: APNIC NIRs would have to comply with any global transfer policy
as well even as ARIN ISPs are understood to be the direct customer instead.

Bill Herrin

Hi Bill,

What about when the NIR and RIR allow for outgoing transfers but a specific
country makes it illegal for their citizens to do this?
Do we hold inter-regional transfer policy hostage to any particular
country's law?
I will note that although RIPE allows transfers, country-based sanctions
prevent those transfers to Iranian organizations.

These are untested waters. The relationship between RIRs and NIRs insofar as
policy compliance is probably a matter of those RIR's individual policies.
Or is the NIR concept elucidated in some global document?

Is it good enough that at the APNIC level we have reciprocity?

I believe that it is not required for Chinese firms to hold all their
addresses within CNNIC, rather some can be held directly in APNIC accounts.
So what if a Chinese buyer opened an APNIC account and purchased
inter-regionally, then transferred from APNIC to CNNIC under their existing
Or just left the accounts registered in APNIC?


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