[arin-ppml] On IPv4 free pool runout and transfer policy requirements for the ARIN region

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Fri Jun 5 09:50:30 EDT 2015

My opinion is that once the pool is empty, that ARIN should get out of any
IPv4 needs analysis and just leave it to the market.

How much time/energy does ARIN staff spend on this?

While we get told all the time that only the board can set prices,  we do set
categories of things that can be "sold" by creating policies.  I am concerned
about ARIN's long-term viability, given that many entities should get a
generous IPv6 allocation and not return for more for years to decades.

I'd love to read a white paper with a title like:
    "ARIN Revenue Model in a primarily v6 Internet"

I would be happy to see ARIN raise the recurring price for IPv4 registration
and continue to look for ways to lower the cost of IPv6 allocations
(particularly end-user allocations).

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