[arin-ppml] Registry functioning

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
Thu Jun 4 18:45:03 EDT 2015

On 6/4/2015 3:00 PM, David Conrad wrote:
> As far as I am aware, ARIN is not law enforcement nor are they the Internet Police. They, like the other RIRs, have been entrusted by the global community to provide a very limited set of services documented first in RFC 2050, then in RFC 7020 which obsoleted 2050.  Those services are:
> 1) Allocation Pool Management: irrelevant in this context since there is no allocation pool
> 2) Hierarchical Allocation: irrelevant in this context since nothing is being allocated
> 3) Registration Accuracy: relevant in this context.
> You will note in that list that "enforcing needs based justification in exchanges of already allocated address space between private parties" is not actually listed. The fact that ARIN provides additional services to the ARIN community is perfectly fine (as long as that community agrees of course), but those services do not override the core functionality requirements, such as ensuring registry accuracy, provided to the Internet community as a whole.

You can also note that while RFC2050 mentions "transfer" exactly once, 
without definition, it is now obsolted by RFC7020 which doesn't mention 
"transfer" even once.

Should we conclude that meddling in transfers is out of scope for the 
registry then?

Matthew Kaufman

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