[arin-ppml] ARIN-PPML 2015-2

David Conrad drc at virtualized.org
Wed Jun 3 13:33:00 EDT 2015


>    It is unfortunate that you do not value the importance of the legal framework for the
>    Internet identifier registry system,

It is this kind of pointless hyperbole that makes discussing things with you such a joy.

On the contrary John, I (of course) place great value legal frameworks, however I strongly believe that such legal frameworks must be created to allow for the entities operating within that framework to perform the functions for which they were created.

It is unfortunate ARIN appears to view such functions as secondary to the legal framework (I seem to recall a similar situation with regards to ARIN's requirements to testing RPKI, but I'm sure I must be mistaken).

>> (ICANN CTO, but speaking only for myself. Really.)
>   Acknowledged.

Lovely. However, if the "ARIN Board" is again going to direct ARIN counsel to complain to ICANN Legal Counsel about my personal postings to this mailing list, I do hope this time, unlike last time, you'll do me the courtesy of cc'ing on the letter. Thanks!

> You might want to confer with those who within ICANN are working
>   on this same issue when you have the opportunity.

Confer with people inside ICANN about stuff I'm working on?  What an idea!  Thanks for the advice. I'll take it with the undoubted sincerity in which it was intended.


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