[arin-ppml] ARIN-PPML 2015-2

David Conrad drc at virtualized.org
Tue Jun 2 13:12:46 EDT 2015


>> Do network operators, anti-abuse community members, law enforcement, consumer protection agencies, etc., make "use" of "the registry"?
> All of the above parties

Do you think any of these communities believe it is in their or the Internet's best interests to give anyone who transfers addresses outside of ARIN policy a pass on having the registration information associated with those addresses be accurate?

> you seem to think that there's some "thing" transferred
> other than rights to the registry entry itself;

Bored with the word games.  Once again:

>>> Historically, the point of the registry database was to facilitate management
>>> of the network, e.g., a place you could look up registration information
>>> when you wanted to contact the entity associated with the source address.

By refusing to accept changed registration information, even in cases where the change is mutually agreeable among the two parties, ARIN policies are directly damaging the registry database.

I do not believe this is good stewardship and believe it is a violation of the trust the community (not just ARIN participants) has placed in ARIN.  This isn't about whether transfers should or shouldn't be allowed, this is about REGISTRY ACCURACY.  Playing legalistic word games by redefining what the registry is might make your lawyers and wannabe lawyers happy, but it does not help the Internet community.

>> That ARIN abide by RFC 7020, section 2.3 and section 7.
> Done.

Are you seriously arguing that pretending a transfer didn't occur because it doesn't conform to ARIN's "Policy of the Day" means ARIN is abiding by the requirement to "provide accurate registration information of those allocations in order to meet a variety of operational requirements."?

> The actual use of the registry has to obtain the place where you
> _start_ such a process,

And what happens when the _start_ of the process is intentionally made inaccurate?

(ICANN CTO, but speaking only for myself. Really.)

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