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David Conrad drc at virtualized.org
Mon Jun 1 19:30:47 EDT 2015


> On Jun 1, 2015, at 11:22 AM, John Curran <jcurran at arin.net> wrote:
>> If organization A purchases a block of addresses from organization B _and is able to convince their ISP(s) to route that block of addresses_, it would seem the "rights" to that address block have been transferred from A to B, regardless of ARIN's position on the matter (they aren't a party to the transaction).
>    Which rights do you refer to above?

The right to present a block of addresses with certain uniqueness assurances to one or more ISP(s) for routing.

> You’re implying a "right to have an address block routed”,

Obviously not. The "right" to present a block of addresses to one or more ISP(s) does _not_ imply a "right to have an address block routed", since as you note:

> but we know that parties make such decisions based on many business criteria, and registration status of an address block is only one factor.

Indeed, so I'm left to wonder why you'd suggest I'd be implying otherwise.

>    If you believe that there is some "right to route” contained in the Internet numbers registry,

As you're well aware, I do not believe this.

> address holders gain uniqueness from the Internet numbers registry,

In the scenario I presented, the uniqueness of the address block transferred to organization B is _not_ lost.

Assuming the 'transfer' occurred outside of ARIN policy, what is lost is the correct attribution of that address space.

This doesn't strike me as particularly good stewardship.

> are you proposing changing this so that address block holders are credited with some
>    specific rights that affect routing, and that ISPs agree to be bound by same?

Seriously, John?  I don't really have time to waste on this sort of straw man.

I'll ask again (since you conveniently ignored the question):

>> Historically, the point of the registry database was to facilitate management
>> of the network, e.g., a place you could look up registration information
>> when you wanted to contact the entity associated with the source address.
>> In the post IPv4 free pool world, what's the point of the American _Registry_
>> for Internet Numbers again?

In your earlier message, you appear to be asserting that abiding by ARIN policies is a requirement for a 'transfer' to occur.  This strikes me as a very dangerous (not to mention hubristic) assumption.  Transfers will and do occur, regardless of ARIN policies. The only thing ARIN can do is choose to acknowledge or ignore those transfers. Failure to acknowledge transfers is detrimental to the accuracy of the registry. I strongly believe the purpose of the registry system is to act as a registry to accurately reflect the correct attribution of use of address space. If ARIN is not going to perform this function, can you suggest some entity that will?

(ICANN CTO, but speaking only for myself. Really.)

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