[arin-ppml] ARIN-PPML 2015-2

Bruce Cornett bcornett at servlet.com
Mon Jun 1 17:39:51 EDT 2015


We're a small operation, but we have had several announcement events 
that seem to bear on the matter.

We bought a small company some years ago and once we sorted everything 
out, we found the previous owner had simply laid claim to the a /21 that 
was adjacent to their proper allocation. All the upstreams took the 
routes.  And they had clients on it - one that had an entire /24 
numbered out into wireless APs.  It was a real effort to clean up.

Several years ago we started getting "site not found" complaints from 
some clients on the east coast.  Turns out that someone in Philadelphia 
was announcing a /23 from our block.  It was an easy resolution handled 
by phone and mail. But it could have required a lot of effort - i.e. 
time and money, and he could have damaged the reputation of the block.

Two years ago we found a that someone continued to announce one of our 
blocks years after we parted ways.  What made this particularly 
troublesome was that we both shared an upstream provider and they were 
somehow accepting both announcements.  Fortunately this was caught by 
chance just prior to going live and we sorted it out.

All of these problems were in the States so that if resolutions were not 
easily forthcoming, we could at least use the courts if need be.

Recently we started announcing a newly assigned block for a client. Two 
of the upstreams accepted the announcements based on information found 
at ARIN - i.e. the Origin AS.  Another required us to have an entry in 
ARINs routing registry.

These anecdotes do suggest that this is a weak spot and one that might 
be exploited.

Bruce C

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