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 I don't believe that ARIN or any other registry has any power to prevent me from using any integers I want in my own routers and network.


   I fully agree, but you might want to compare notes with David, as he seems to have
   created rights to address blocks listed within routing tables, rather than address
   holders having rights to address block entries in the Internet Numbers Registry…

For avoidance of doubt about the rights referenced above, both the RSA and LRSA
make clear that address holders have the following rights -

"ARIN shall (i) provide the Services to Holder in accordance with the Service Terms and (ii) grant to Holder the following specified rights:
  (1) The exclusive right to be the registrant of the Included Number Resources within the ARIN database;
  (2) The right to use the Included Number Resources within the ARIN database; and
  (3) The right to transfer the registration of the Included Number Resources pursuant to the Policies.”

There’s no doubt that ARIN can provide to these rights to the address holder, but it’s worth
noting that the specified 'right to use’ is clearly within respect to ARIN database, not any
right that is predicated upon (or directly applicable to) the routing tables of ISPs globally.

The Internet number registry system is joint activity that provides benefits for those who
voluntarily participate therein - you’re not obligated in the least to make use of it, you can
include any IP address block you want in your routing tables, but don’t be surprised if others
expect you to participate in the system.  A nice slide deck that summarizes this voluntary
nature is here: http://www.ptc.org/ptc14/images/papers/upload/Presentation_TS9_ConradDavid.pdf


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