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John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Mon Jun 1 14:22:24 EDT 2015

On Jun 1, 2015, at 1:35 PM, David Conrad <drc at virtualized.org> wrote:
> John,
>>> all we're talking about is whether or not ARIN will be recording this in their database.
>> I’ll observe that the rights are to address blocks in the
>> registry and that makes it rather challenging to assert any rights to the address blocks
>> unless those rights were transferred in accordance with registry policy,
> An interesting and worrisome assertion.
> If organization A purchases a block of addresses from organization B _and is able to convince their ISP(s) to route that block of addresses_, it would seem the "rights" to that address block have been transferred from A to B, regardless of ARIN's position on the matter (they aren't a party to the transaction).

David -

    Which rights do you refer to above?   You’re implying a "right to have an address block
    routed”, but we know that parties make such decisions based on many business criteria,
    and registration status of an address block is only one factor.

> While I guess it is true that if you view the "rights" in question as the entry in the ARIN registration database (a very odd viewpoint IMHO -- very much the tail wagging the dog from my perspective), this seems a bit divorced from reality as reflected by the actual use of address space on the Internet.

    If you believe that there is some "right to route” contained in the Internet numbers registry,
    then that’s a fairly fundamental shift in the nature of registry system, and would represent
    a serious change from our present loosely-coupled system where it is clear that address
    holders gain uniqueness from the Internet numbers registry, but that doesn’t have  direct
    rights implication to what service providers decide to put (or not) in their routing tables...
    i.e.  are you proposing changing this so that address block holders are credited with some
    specific rights that affect routing, and that ISPs agree to be bound by same?   I have a solid
    understanding of how the Internet numbers registry system provides some very useful
    uniqueness properties for the Internet globally as-is, but obviously have some trepidation
    about these rights over the routing of ISPs that you believe the RIRs should be tracking...


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