[arin-ppml] On-docket proposals and exhaustion

David Huberman David.Huberman at microsoft.com
Thu Jun 4 09:35:49 EDT 2015

In a blog post on TeamArin.net on Monday, ARIN indicated that exhaustion was imminent:


With the /11 leaving the pool, all that's left is:

1 /16
1 /20
3 /21s
4 /22s

By the end of this week or so, all IPv4 will be exhausted at ARIN except for /23s and /24s.

There are 4 proposals on-docket right now:

- 8.2 Transfers: cleaning up language

- IPv6 for end-users: opening up more eligibility criteria

- Modifying anti-flip language for inter-RIR transfers:

- Easing IPv4 end-user qualification criteria:

I know that PPML can be rough sometimes.  We have a lot of strong personalities, passionate people, and disparate views.

But exhaustion is here.  After a long time of hearing about it, it's here, and it's real.  Please review these proposals when you have some time, and chime in on PPML about your thoughts, opinions, improvements, suggestions, etc.  There's room for your view here, and it's very much wanted. 


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