[arin-ppml] 2014-1 Out of Region Use

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Thu Feb 26 09:29:21 EST 2015

What he (Tony Hain) said! 

Anyway, by the time 2014-1 gets implemented, the ARIN IPv4 free pool would be depleted, and since most of the potential abuses of or questionable demand for out of region use are motivated by ARIN's having the last free pool, I believe the gaming argument is moot in a few months.

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> From: Tony Hain [mailto:alh-ietf at tndh.net]
> Back up and figure out what problem is being solved.  The primary reason
> RIR's became possessive about their territory was "absurd protection of their
> precious IPv4 allocations".  Rewind to the pre-RIR timeframe, and allocations
> were global, and use was global. The RIRs were brought in to simplify the
> process, not fragment it.  10 years ago I suggested that once the IANA pool
> was depleted that the RIR holding the largest block take that role, so that
> the customer interface could remain the same within each region, and the
> entire pool could burn down smoothly. I was shouted down globally because
> the greedy wanted to horde whatever they managed to get from IANA.
> Are we trying to protect the RIR's claimed autonomy over geography, or
> simplify the process of distribution for a global resource? If it is the latter as
> it started out to be, the definition of "out of region" is off-planet. If it is the
> former, why do people continue to fight against NIR's? If you want absolute
> autonomy, you need somebody capable of protecting your defined
> geography, and that usually becomes police or military. Make up your
> collective mind about your stated objective and make policy fit that. As far
> as I know the stated objective is to facilitate allocations of a global resource,
> so trying to restrict what the recipient does with it would appear to be out
> of scope.
> Tony

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