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4.     Should End-Users who want to be able to re-assign records simply be required to become ISPs?
--->No. Why should they?

5.     Should the ISP/End-User distinction be eliminated (which is a bigger discussion outside the scope of the current problem statement)?
---> No. They are different type of business entities and should be serviced according to their needs.

I have no comment either way regarding the particular policy proposal under
discussion, but would like to provide some background that may aid in further
consideration of the question:

- The distinction between “end-user” and “ISP” is very clear in many cases,
  but not universally.  Examples where it is less clear include university and
  college systems, large enterprises which may provide services to many
  entities of various degrees of affiliation (wholly-owned, partially-owned,
  joint entity, business partner), hosting/cloud/cdn providers (where the line
  between infrastructure and customer can be quite blurry at times), etc.

- The desire to between ISP and End-User (or visa-versa) may be driven
   by fee or policy motivations, but we have seen an increase in end-users
   who wish to re-assign blocks in order to have more accurate information
   in the database regarding the actual address usage, particularly with
   respect to their geolocation data.

Today ARIN tries to work with ISPs and end-users who wish to change
their categorization, but understandly we lack clear guidance for what
is becoming an increasingly blurry distinction.   For additional context,
refer to the ARIN 31 Policy Experience Report (where this issue was
raised) - https://www.arin.net/participate/meetings/reports/ARIN_31/PDF/monday/nobile_policy.pdf


John Curran
President and CEO

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