[arin-ppml] An interesting policy question

Lu Heng h.lu at anytimechinese.com
Thu Dec 3 06:27:54 EST 2015


We all know that before the no need policy, when Ripe makes an assignment,
while the "need" has changed, the assignment become invalid.

The question come to what the definition of need. Below I have few
examples, please provide your view:

First one:

Company A provides 100 customer dedicated server service at location A,
Ripe makes an assignment for 100 IP for his infrastructure, if, under
condition that no other factor was changed, Company A moved his
infrastructure to location B, but still providing same service to same
customer, does the company's action need to be notified  to RIR? And does
this action considered invalid the original assignment?

Second one:

Company A provides web hosting service, but any casted in 3 location, and
has provided the evidence of 3 location to the RIR during the time the
company getting valid assignment, then A decided to cut 3 location to 2
location, does this invalid original assignment and need to be notified to

So the bottom line is, what is the definition of need, is it defined as the
service you are providing or defined as whole package of any of original
justification material was provided, if was the later, then does it imply
that anything, including location of the infrastructure, upstream providers
etc has changed due to operational need, it will be considered as change of
purpose of use and need to be notified to RIR?

What should be the right interpretation of the policy by then?

Kind regards.
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