[arin-ppml] Thoughts on 2015-7

Matthew Kaufman matthew at matthew.at
Thu Aug 20 18:58:00 EDT 2015

On 8/20/2015 2:05 PM, David Huberman wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> > Still against it because it still applies to out-region transfers 
> where ARIN no
> > longer has access to it and CAN NOT revoke it for fraud when the 
> attestation
> > turns out to be untrue.
> So I get what you're saying.  And you're right.  You and I petition 
> ARIN, attest
> that we forecast to use a /X, we're lying, and we transfer it out of 
> the region and
> ARIN is done with it - ARIN has no control over the block transferred out.

That is true today. ARIN does not have any control over how IP blocks 
are used (or transferred) today.

Which is why I'm supportive of this policy... it makes the right thing 
(recording a transfer properly in the ARIN database) happen.

> The disagreement I have with this view is that I don't want us making 
> policy that
> punishes the 99.9% of people who are telling the truth and just want 
> to run their
> network, so that we can somehow "catch" the 0.01% of the scammers.  I 
> prefer
> making policy which works well for bona fide network operators.  
> People will always
> lie, and I do not believe it’s ARIN’s job to catch that.

Also agree... writing policy to try to block the wrongdoers always makes 
it harder for the legitimate users... which is the group ARIN should be 

Matthew Kaufman

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