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*nods* I think a lot of times people forget about the little ISP that only has a /23 of IPv4. Heck, I know one guy that owns at least a half dozen ISPs, none of them more than 1k customers, most under 300. I think people get caught up in the scale of global carriers, nationwide ISPs, etc. 

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If the smallest IPv6 allocation an ISP can get is a /36 (X-small or up to /20 in IPv4), but we have a fee established for XX-small (up to /40 IPv6 and /22 IPv4), why don't we permit an ISP to get a /40? Small providers may not want to increase their ARIN fees to simply be able to get their own IPv6 allocation. Seems counter-intuitive in getting everyone on the IPv6 train. It also falls on a clean boundary, so there shouldn't be any concerns with issued subnets. 

If there's no good reason why we're not doing this, how to we start the process to allow this? 

A little more than two years ago we considered a policy to do just that; 

Draft Policy ARIN-2013-3: Tiny IPv6 Allocations for ISPs 


The consensus at the time was that a /40 was too small for an ISP and that we should reconsider the fee structure instead. That has been in process with the fee committee that was discussed previously. However, if there is a new consensus in support of allowing ISPs to receive a /40, I'd recommend the text of ARIN-2013-3 as a starting point. 

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