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I’m requesting comment in regards to automatically make organisations eligible for IPv6 if they hold justified IPv4 space. This similar to  Section 9.3.1. of the [APNIC-127] APNIC Internet Number Resource Policies. I feel that if organisations were able to receive a /48 for each /24 they hold, then it would help expedite the rollout of IPv6. Organisations currently have two choices - continue to use IPv4, or spend valuable time on applying for IPv6 space. IPv6 space is clearly in abundance - and this could potentially help slow the exhaustion of IPv4.

Alfie -

Per NRPM, an ISP qualifies for an IPv6 allocation if they have a previously justified IPv4 ISP
allocation from ARIN (or one of its predecessor registries), or can qualify for an IPv4 ISP allocation
under current criteria; i.e.  this means that they presently are automatically eligible for IPv6 if they
hold IPv4 space, as you suggest above.

Perhaps you are proposing that there be a default automatic size of IPv6 allocation ("a /48 for each
/24 they hold”) which would allow for more expeditious preparation of IPv6 initial requests, for those
who choose to receive this default allocation size rather than calculating the "smallest nibble-boundary
aligned block that can provide an equally sized nibble-boundary aligned block to each of the requesters
serving sites large enough to satisfy the needs of the requesters largest single serving site using no
more than 75% of the available addresses”?


John Curran
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