[arin-ppml] ASN requirements (was: Equality in address space assignment)

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Fri Apr 17 18:47:26 EDT 2015

You talk about ASN requirements, in my opinion this is a completely 
separate issue that I want to explore with you.

On 4/15/15 19:51 , Adam Thompson wrote:
> The related issue is when connecting to an IX, you need an AS.  To get
> an AS, you need PI.  To get PI, you need XXX utilization of an
> *already-ISP-delegated non-portable* /24.  So effectively, ARIN *also*
> shuts out smaller companies from connecting to local IXs like MBIX
> (where I'm on the board).  Yes, it can be worked around, but it's
> another hoop you have to jump through, and, usually in my experience, I
> see companies simply lying to ARIN to get around it.
> (And, yes, I'm well aware of private ASNs - those are simply not allowed
> at most IXPs, including MBIX.)

No where in the requirements to get an ASN does it state that you need 
PI, IPv4 or IPv6.


It says you need "A unique routing policy (its policy differs from its 
border gateway peers)" or "A multihomed site".  If you plan to connect 
to a IX you by definition are "A multihomed site".

If you are having policy issues getting an ASN to participate in an IX I 
would like to understand and fix any such issues.

Now if you are saying that you can't get an IPv4 address block to 
announce at the IX, that is the previous discussion, but it's not an ASN 


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