[arin-ppml] Policy idea: POC Validation

Jimmy Hess mysidia at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 20:44:57 EDT 2015

> There should be a "Do you accept this <new_role>" ACK requirement
>for the assignment is complete.  No ACK, no assignment.

An alternative would be:
1* Opt-in confirmation for destination e-mail address on create POC
record / change e-mail address,
before the POC  details  other than the Handle name appear in Whois.

2*  Within 24 hours of assignment to a role, a  FYI Notification
e-mail message to affected POCs.
Containing the list of  Organizations (or Network objects) they have
been added to.

With a  link in the FYI notification to open a 'quick trouble report'
page,  where
the POC can  object to  one or more of the role additions.

This should avoid a major change to the process for detailed reassignments Or
org/network modifies.

This should avoid spamming contacts with multiple requests for confirmations,
when a contact needs to be added to multiple individual objects.


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