[arin-ppml] Equality in address space assignment

micah anderson micah at riseup.net
Wed Apr 15 12:26:09 EDT 2015

Steven Ryerse <SRyerse at eclipse-networks.com> writes:

> That kind of thinking is why ARIN's policies are so unfair to small
> Orgs.  When a small Org with no IP resources applies for a small block
> and get denied, they not only get shut out of resources but they get
> shut out of participating in this Community and voting for AC & Board
> posts.

Even if you manage as a small org to get a small block and get voting
rights for AC & Board posts, most small organizations can't afford the
resources to allocate someone to follow this list and the process, and
so are effectively shut out, even when they have the ability to vote.

As someone who is part of a small org, with a very small budget, who did
manage to get a small block, and work with other small organizations who
have nothing more than a /24, I speak from experience and from talking
to those other organizations. All of them said they were subscribed to
arin-ppml and then the firehose opened, and the list was put in a folder
never to be opened again.

In fact the only reason I am replying to this message is because my mail
filter seems to have failed on how this list was CC'd, so it came to my
inbox :)

I think that the voting structure needs to be disentangled from the
policy wrangling discussions, and a ultra-low volume list is used to
send out a call for votes with all the relevant information for
voting. I'm sure someone is going to say that this exists already, but
if it does, I have no idea.

>The deck is stacked against us small guys and this needs to
> change.  My Prop 2014-18 would have been the first very small step
> towards changing that but of course the bigger guys who have resources
> and can participate in this community keep the small guys out.  My two
> cents!!

two cents means a lot from us small guys, where every penny counts.


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