[arin-ppml] 2014-1 (Out of region use)

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Tue Apr 14 15:18:25 EDT 2015


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> 1. Permitted use of addresses outregion could subject ARIN to the legal
> jurisdiction in the myriad localities where the addresses are used. Dealing
> with that could be super expensive and could distract and draw resources
> away from ARIN's core function: managing addresses for use in-region.

It's an invalid argument. Out of region usage _already_ occurs, and both staff (JC) and Counsel have said they don't oppose it if the entity has some nexus with our region. The 2014-1 policy includes a threshold for nexus. It is a change of degree not a change of kind. There is nothing in the policy, therefore, that would significantly change jurisdictional exposure. 

> 2. ARIN is bound by ICP-2 which is at least nominally contrary to outregion
> use of ARIN-managed addresses. Changes or clarifications to
> ICP-2 would be desired in order to proceed with an explicit outregion policy
> more permissive than, "no."

As noted many times before, ICP-2 does not address the usage policies of existing RIRs, it is about creating new RIRs. 
And it basically just asserts that it would be confusing to create a new RIR that overlapped with existing service regions. 

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