[arin-ppml] 2014-1 (Out of region use)

William Herrin bill at herrin.us
Tue Apr 14 14:29:11 EDT 2015

On Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 1:34 PM, Andrew Dul <andrew.dul at quark.net> wrote:
> Out of region use of IPv4, IPv6, or ASNs are valid justification for
> additional number resources if the applicant is currently using at least the
> equivalent of a /22 of IPv4, /44 of IPv6, or 1 ASN within the ARIN service
> region, respectively.  At least 10% of the additional resource request or
> 20% of all an organization's resources must be used in the ARIN service
> region.

Hi Andrew,

How would that alleviate the concerns raised in the March legal
assessment? As I understood it, they boiled down to:

1. Permitted use of addresses outregion could subject ARIN to the
legal jurisdiction in the myriad localities where the addresses are
used. Dealing with that could be super expensive and could distract
and draw resources away from ARIN's core function: managing addresses
for use in-region.

2. ARIN is bound by ICP-2 which is at least nominally contrary to
outregion use of ARIN-managed addresses. Changes or clarifications to
ICP-2 would be desired in order to proceed with an explicit outregion
policy more permissive than, "no."

The _fraction_ of use in presumptively non-permitted ways doesn't seem
to be at issue.

Bill Herrin

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