[arin-ppml] Policy idea: POC Validation

Jimmy Hess mysidia at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 21:07:14 EDT 2015

On Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 3:23 PM, David Huberman
<David.Huberman at microsoft.com> wrote:
> Hi Ted,  > Thanks for the reply.
>complaining en masse to ARIN after receiving POC Validation communications.  My reasoning for removing
>POC validation for these types of POCs is that ISPs have the option to not register POCs at all -- they can
>choose "REASSIGN SIMPLE" as a path for registering SWIP information, and that doesn't have any POC info.

If they don't register a POC,  then the upstream record needs to have a POC.

They also only offer Reassign Simple for REASSIGNMENTS.
The REALLOCATION forms require full POCs.

- If they do put the information in Whois, then it MUST be  accurate,
and ARIN should take steps to help verify that the e-mail addresses at
least work.     POCs  for the indirect records still ought to be
verified with the same rigor.

-  The POC  verification requests  should not say to call ARIN RSD.
If  ARIN is getting too many calls; it's probable  b/c  of the fact
the e-mail they have been using just says to call ARIN  if there are
any problems.

Instead,  there should be "self help" options for common issues
clearly explained in POC verification messages. The option to call
ARIN  should not be the first thing advertised.

- The annual POC verification e-mail messages should be designed to
minimize  any confusion.
They should avoid using abbreviations such as  "WHOIS POC".     There
should be more explanation of what the message is about,   and not
just   "That there is a POC verification policy".

- Just as there is a link to "confirm"  the POC record is good,  there
should be another
  prominent link  near the top  to say  "This POC record is bad,  and
stop contacting me"

- If the POC says their record is bad, And they don't go back and cancel that
   (in case of accidental clicking),  then  their information should
be removed from WHOIS  pending review.

- If No valid POCs remain for a resource, and it's an allocation or
assignment that requires a POC,
   then the resource should be reviewed for deletion/revokation
and/or notification to whomever allocated it
   that they are required to provide correct contact info for the reallocation.


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