[arin-ppml] Policy idea: POC Validation

Michael Peddemors michael at linuxmagic.com
Mon Apr 13 16:47:14 EDT 2015

On 15-04-13 01:36 PM, David Huberman wrote:
> Hi Owen,
> I can give you a great example that's timely.  My company ordered some circuits from ISP X recently.  ISP X has a policy that they only do REASSIGN DETAIL.  They registered the reassignments with POC data that points to a network engineer who ordered the circuit.  It's the way their system works.
> The engineer emailed me very angry that her information was in ARIN Whois - and in fact, in Whois many times with multiple iterations of her POC -- POC1, POC2, POC3, POC4, POC5, etc all with the same information pointing to her.   It even included her direct phone number, which happened to be her mobile phone, and she was upset about that.
> Luckily for her, she knew who ARIN was, she knew who the hostmaster was in our company (me!), and I knew how to get it fixed.
> BTW, in order to get it fixed, I chose to do what I thought was the right thing:  I asked ARIN to "consolidate" the reassignment records into my main OrgID.   ARIN *would not do it* without the explicit written permission of ISP X.  (Luckily for us, ISP X consented.)
> Hope that helps,
> David
> David R Huberman
> Principal, Global IP Addressing
> Microsoft Corporation

This is another example of the problem being at ISP X, where they should 
be requiring accurate information on circuits for 'rwhois' or SWIP, and 
not just the information of the engineer making the order.

Maybe an email 'alert' with Best Practices and Policies should be 
considered by ARIN, and again, this is related to mandating ARIN with a 
greater role in enforcement, rather than simply saying that if the 
current policies aren't working, drop the policy..

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