[arin-ppml] Policy idea: POC Validation

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Mon Apr 13 15:11:49 EDT 2015

As one of the initiators of this policy I must state that none of
us who worked on this ever assumed the POC Validation Policy would be
the END of the process.

The idea was that when a POC was marked invalid, that ARIN would
institute an investigation into the number resources held by the invalid
POC and if they did locate the actual holder, they would give that
holder 30 days to supply valid POC contact info for whois that would
replace the bogus invalid contact info.

If the holder wasn't forthcoming, ARIN will delete the POC.  Resources
that have no POC's justifying their existence are then freed up for 

If ARIN is not doing this, then it is completely understandable that
you would be getting large numbers of phone calls from people annoyed
that their email addresses are still in whois.

So, ARIN can start doing this and thereby make the people happy who
are complaining, and at the same time, freeing up resources that are
held by stale or bogus POC data.

You said "indirect resource registration records"

What exactly is that?

In my opinion, ANY POC that is in whois that is associated in any way
with an organization or individual who has IP addresses, and is being 
used as justification for holding resources, must remain in
the validation list.

It seems quite obvious and apparent that POCs that ARIN has judged to be
invalid, and is in the process of investigating, would be calling and
complaining.  In general people who are doing things they shouldn't
be doing, don't like to be investigated would certainly would complain.
That can be solved easily by deleting their records and thereby freeing
up resources.  Then you don't contact them again and the community gets 
back the IP addressing they have held.

Does not a POC that is being contacted by ARIN have the right to
have their information deleted?  If they are calling in and complaining
that their records are in there, they obviously want them removed.  So,
ARIN can remove them and stop bothering them.

You need to define the difference between "indirect resource 
registration records" and "associated with an active directly registered 
number resource" before anyone can really make a judgement on
this policy proposal change.

It just seems very simple to me.  If they are a POC they are there 
because their existence is justifying some IP address holding in some 
way, there is some connection.  If their POC is no longer justifying an 
IP address holding and there is no connection whatsoever to an IP 
address holding, then take their POC out and doing so will automatically 
quit contacting them.


On 4/13/2015 11:11 AM, David Huberman wrote:
> Hello,
> Richard Jimmerson's Policy Experience Report indicated that 50% of the phone calls that RSD receives are about POC validation, and that they receive many angry emails and calls from POCs who are only associated with indirect resource registration records. In response, I offer the following change to the NRPM :
> Existing text:
> 3.6 Annual Whois POC Validation
> 3.6.1 Method of Annual Verification
> During ARIN's annual Whois POC validation, an email will be sent to every POC in the Whois database. Each POC will have a maximum of 60 days to respond with an affirmative that their Whois contact information is correct and complete. Unresponsive POC email addresses shall be marked as such in the database. If ARIN staff deems a POC to be completely and permanently abandoned or otherwise illegitimate, the POC record shall be marked invalid. ARIN will maintain, and make readily available to the community, a current list of number resources with no valid POC; this data will be subject to the current bulk Whois policy.
> I propose we make the first sentence read:
> "During ARIN's annual Whois POC validation, an email will be sent to every POC in the Whois database that is associated with an active directly registered number resource."
> Thoughts?
> David
> David R Huberman
> Principal, Global IP Addressing
> Microsoft Corporation
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