[arin-ppml] Response to the ARIN counsel's assessment of 2014-1 (Out of region use)

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Mon Apr 13 01:52:38 EDT 2015

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> Historically, there have been bad actors who have successfully obtained
> substantial IPv4 space from ARIN without having any customers or significant
> equipment in the region. A common method is to set up a routing
> infrastructure inside the ARIN region, and backhaul the traffic to the
> customers who all reside and operate in a region which has no IPv4 space
> available.
> And in my opinion, it is this type of scenario which Counsel is referring to.
> The counter-argument to this concern is to hold off enacting 2014-1 until
> ARIN exhaustion. And I haven't heard a counter-counter-argument. If 2014-1
> were not enacted until IPv4 was out of play, and the only resources that
> ARIN would be giving out are IPv6 blocks and AS numbers, then I fail to see
> why the fraud concern is valid.  If I'm mistaken, I'd like to know how so.

Thanks, David. I agree with your assessment. I think IPv4 scarcity is indeed the reason why ARIN is becoming so territorial and provides the incentive for fraud (even, as you note, without 2014-1). Setting the enactment date to correspond to some clear measure of "runout" could be a good step forward.  

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