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Martin Hannigan hannigan at gmail.com
Sat Sep 27 02:05:36 EDT 2014


There was a discussion yesterday on the Open-IX standards list:



- Zero support for your proposed changes impacting IXPs.

Hope that helps.



On Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 12:38 AM, Martin Hannigan <hannigan at gmail.com> wrote:
> If I were going to change anything with micro allocations I would change:
> - Make RIRs singular as in ARIN, not all of them.
> - Remove the policy term and make it permanent
>  IXP growth has changed dramatically since the policy was written.
> I'm not sure I understand the desire to change to a /26? Where in ARIN
> policy does it say that the prefix can't be routed? I also checked
> Open-IX OIX-1 and there's nothing there about routing or not routing
> an IXP prefix. I agree, this is the de-facto standard though and it
> may be worth asking the actual affected community what they think.
> I'm opposed to changing any of 4.4 with the exception of the two items above.
> Best,
> -M<
> On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 7:56 PM, Andrew Dul <andrew.dul at quark.net> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> At the Chicago meeting there was some discussion around the micro-allocation
>> policy (section 4.4) of the NRPM.  I committed to the AC to produce a draft
>> update to this section based upon feedback that I heard from the community.
>> Below you will find a draft update.
>> This has not yet been submitted to the policy process.  I wanted the
>> community to validate that they still would like these type of changes to be
>> considered before formal work on this section started.
>> I have also attached a PDF redline so that you can easily see the changes
>> from the current text.
>> Thanks for your feedback,
>> Andrew
>> -----------------
>> 4.4. Micro-allocation
>> ARIN will make IPv4 micro-allocations to critical infrastructure providers
>> of the Internet, including public exchange points, core DNS service
>> providers (e.g. ICANN-sanctioned root and ccTLD operators) as well as the
>> RIRs and IANA. Multiple allocations may be granted when operational need can
>> be documented..
>> ARIN will place an equivalent of a /16 of IPv4 address space in a reserve
>> for micro-allocations.
>> 4.4.1 Internet Exchange Points
>> ARIN will place an additional equivalent of a /16 of IPv4 address space in a
>> reserve for exchange point allocations under section 4.4.1.  (ARIN may
>> reserve a block within the last /10 (section 4.10) or from IANA returned
>> address space (section 10.5) if no other suitable block is available at the
>> time of policy implementation.)
>> Exchange point allocations MUST be allocated from specific blocks reserved
>> only for this purpose. All other micro-allocations WILL be allocated out of
>> other blocks reserved for micro-allocation purposes. ARIN will make a list
>> of these blocks publicly available.
>> Exchange point operators must provide justification for the allocation,
>> including: connection policy, location, other participants (minimum of three
>> total), ASN, and contact information. This policy does not preclude exchange
>> point operators from requesting address space under other policies.
>> These allocations will be no smaller than a /26.
>> 4.4.2 gTLD allocations
>> ICANN-sanctioned gTLD operators may justify up to the equivalent of an IPv4
>> /23 block for each authorized new gTLD, allocated from the free pool or
>> received via transfer, but not from the blocks reserved in section 4.4. This
>> limit of a /23 equivalent per gTLD does not apply to gTLD allocations made
>> under previous policy.
>> 4.4.3 Other Critical Infrastructure
>> Other critical infrastructure which is not defined in other sub-sections of
>> section 4.4, may receive allocations from ARIN, when operational need can be
>> demonstrated.  These allocations will be no smaller than a /24.
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