[arin-ppml] Team Review - policy matter? (was: Re: reverseCOE statement)

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I know I'm stating the obvious here. As a /20 from the free pool is "exactly the same resource" as a /20 from the transfer pool there is no valid reason to treat them differently with the possible exception of being more lenient to attract Legacy holders to reconnect with ARIN.  If you want to do something like treat a /16 and below one way and a /17 and above another way - that might make sense because they are a different quantity of a resource.  Milton is right that in a short time the free pool will be gone and this discussion will be moot.  My two cents.  

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You ask, Owen, how do others in the community feel about this? I for one am shaking my head in disbelief.
Are we really having a debate about parity between free pool allocations and transfers? When the free pool ends in what, 6 months? 8 months? By the time any of the policies we are debating now will go into effect, the distinction will be irrelevant. 


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I disagree. While it is not specifically called out, the simple fact is that 8.3 transfer policy specifically states that IPv4 transfers should be subject to the same policies as IPv4 free pool allocations. It does make an exception for the "speculation timeframe" allowed in the request, but otherwise I believe that the community's expectation is that they are treated the same and subject to the same policies and limitations.

How do other members of the community feel about this?


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