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On Sep 23, 2014, at 11:44 AM, Kevin Kargel <kkargel at polartel.com<mailto:kkargel at polartel.com>> wrote:

I should point out that the strength of my convictions on the discussion of needs assessment impacts me negatively on a personal level.  I am in a position where I would love to get a /24 for my own use, personally and business.  Unfortunately I would not pass the needs requirement.  I could present about 40 IP addresses that are currently NATed, with some small future growth projection.  That would not – in my understanding – pass muster for an allocation under the current rules.  I will in the near future be changing locations and providers for that network and a portable IP block would be most handy.

Kevin -

  To be clear, you are talking above about issuance from the ARIN free pool
  (the ARIN regional IPv4 free pool being a limited and depleting resource)

I honestly do not believe that eliminating needs tests would be good for society.

  Are you speaking with respect to ARIN issuance of space, or also in terms
  of a limit on parties being able to obtain IPv4 space via transfer?   I have heard
  of the needs-test referenced as a mechanism against speculation when it comes
  to transfers; is that the policy goal that you are supporting via a need-basis for
  transfer approval?

If needs tests were eliminated all that would be left in my way would be the money hurdle, which presents a relatively low bar to vault.

  That depends specifically on the transfer policy adopted... For example, a
  transfer policy that requires demonstrating existing utilized resources would
  limit the transfer recipients to certain parties.  A transfer policy which limits
  recipients to only growing a certain percentage is another example of a
  policy mechanism.  The most important thing is for the community to
  understand the goals, and then determine the right mechanisms (which
  very well might be present policy as inherited from IPv4 allocation policy)
  Determining the right balance between multiple goals is the hard part.

Don’t get me wrong, if needs tests are eliminated over my objections I will be at the front of the line with my application.  I see nothing wrong with legitimately leveraging the system that exists.

  In the above, are you are referring to getting space from ARIN, or the receiving via
  a transfer?  This gets to the main point, which it is not required that the community
  maintain the same policy for these different types of requests.


John Curran
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