[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2014-20: Transfer Policy Slow Start and Simplified Needs Verification

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Tue Sep 23 12:13:01 EDT 2014

On Sep 23, 2014, at 10:38 AM, David Huberman <David.Huberman at microsoft.com> wrote:

> You're right, of course.  If I'm going to advocate that the current "24-month planning horizon" is good, then I have to defend why ARIN staff looking at ANY forward-looking data is good for network operations.   But doesn't that also mean those who support looking at backward-facing data also have to defend that position?  The point I'm understanding from your reply is there is an argument to be made that ARIN should automate parts of the transfer process to make handling fast and help promote accuracy in Whois (and any other benefits that come along with automation). And that human review of business plans and previous use impedes automation.
> Is that the gist of your reply? Or have I misunderstood you?

David - 
  I'm not advocating for any approach, but you do get the essence of my 
  reply, i.e. to the extent that a solution for transfer policy involves 
  review of forward-looking business plans, it is inherently a manual 
  process and with significant uncertainty in outcome.

  A transfer policy mechanism which allows receipt up to a limit based on 
  current holdings provides far more certainty for those who wish to plan
  for the future, as they can go to market knowing precisely that limit. 
  Yes, it is true that there is still the demonstration of utilization of 
  one's existing blocks, but that has far less variability than assessing
  speculative forward-looking business plans. Even still, the combination
  of a specific limit plus the need to show usage of existing address space 
  would provide a meaningful deterrent to speculation (presuming that is 
  seen as the desirable aspect of present transfer policy to be maintained.)

  If the community feels that review of forward-looking business plans 
  is necessary to provide parties with flexibility in their ability to 
  receive address space, ARIN will continue to do so; I simply wanted to
  note that that the uncertainty and burden associated with that review 
  and verification is a frequently cited concern with the present transfer
  policy process.


John Curran
President and CEO


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