[arin-ppml] Advisory Council Meeting Results - October 2014

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Wed Oct 15 15:00:30 EDT 2014

In accordance with the ARIN Policy Development Process (PDP), the ARIN 
Advisory Council (AC) met on 10 October 2014.

The AC moved the following to last call:

Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2014-9: Resolve Conflict Between RSA and 
8.2 Utilization Requirements

The AC abandoned the following:

   Draft Policy ARIN-2014-15: Allow Inter-RIR ASN Transfers
   Draft Policy ARIN-2014-16: Section 4.10 Austerity Policy Update
   Draft Policy ARIN-2014-18: Simplifying Minimum Allocations and 
   Draft Policy ARIN-2014-20: Transfer Policy Slow Start and Simplified 
Needs Verification

The AC provided the following explanations for abandoning the Draft 

Regarding 2014-15:

"The following substantive issues were noted by the AC in considering
this draft policy.

-There is outstanding technical work which must be done prior to
implementation which would allow RPKI functionality for inter-RIR ASN
-There would be a significant time delay on the full implementation of 
this policy
-The implementation of 2014-15 requires agreement from all 5 RIRs on a
method to implement inter-RIR ASN transfers
-Cleanup of the 2-byte ASN registry at IANA is required before this
policy could be fully implemented
-There is significant work which must be done to implement this policy
amongst all 5 RIRs with limited perceived overall benefit to the
community, especially when weighed against other competing priorities

While the AC believes that the limited corner case illuminated during
discussion of this draft policy is valid, it was noted that a valid
workaround, obtaining a new ASN in an appropriate RIR, is available for
all members of the community."

Regarding 2014-16:

"The Advisory Council decided to abandon 2014-16: Section 4.10 Austerity
policy update due to a general lack of support. The feedback at ARIN 34,
and on PPML clarified there is a desire to retain the existing 
transition mechanism as it is. It also became clear there was a lack of 
agreement on how to supply the austerity pool."

Regarding 2014-18:

"Comments on the mailing list and at the microphone were generally 
negative and there appears to be community consensus against this 
proposal.  Points raised included:

* Removal of needs-basis for a narrowly constructed set of constituents
seemed like a special interest pet project

* There are other proposals in process for needs-basis adjustment that
appear to have more support.

* A recent adjustment to allocation policy makes the minimum allocation
prefix length a /24 across the board.  This has the side effect of opening
up direct allocations and assignments from ARIN to organizations which
were previously regarded as too small.

* Concern was raised over the "this section shall be controlling" verbiage."

Regarding 2014-20:

"While the overall policy did not receive support from the community, a 
number of specific issues were raised that the Advisory Council believes 
could be addressed in more focused policies. We recommend that the 
authors investigate individual policies specific to rapid growth in 
transfer requests and alternatives to the 24 month calculation."

The AC abandoned several Draft Policies. Anyone dissatisfied with these 
decisions may initiate a petition. The deadline to begin a petition will 
be five business days after the AC's draft meeting minutes are 
published. For more information on starting and participating in 
petitions, see PDP Petitions at: 

The AC is continuing to work on the following:

   Draft Policy ARIN-2014-1: Out of Region Use
   Draft Policy ARIN-2014-6: Remove 7.1 [Maintaining IN-ADDRs]
   Draft Policy ARIN-2014-14: Removing Needs Test from Small IPv4 Transfers
   Draft Policy ARIN-2014-17: Change Utilization Requirements from 
last-allocation to total-aggregate
   Draft Policy ARIN-2014-19: New MDN Allocation Based on Past Utilization

Draft Policy and Proposal texts are available at:

The ARIN Policy Development Process can be found at:


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