[arin-ppml] Multi-homing justification removed?

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Fri Nov 21 02:28:24 EST 2014

On 14-11-20 12:43 PM, Mike Burns wrote:
> Still, in the age of exhaustion the
> building case against needs testing "should" also remove multi-homing
> as a requirement to acquire your own address block so that you do not
> have to constantly renumber or be captive. -Martin Hannigan
> I personally would be more amenable to considering a policy change to 
> liberalize the requirements for getting a /24 if/when they're 
> available from the transfer market only.-Scott
> Hi Martin and Scott,
> Just to present the reminder that 2014-14 would answer here, as it 
> would provide the ability for entities in the sorts of situations 
> being discussed to purchase up to a /16 without a needs test on the 
> transfer market.
> 2014-14 presents a relief valve for ARIN members facing this issue, 
> and many other known and unforeseeable issues.
> Transitioning to a paid market for addresses can only be expected to 
> create turbulent conditions.
> It would be nice for members to know they have a outlet for exigent 
> circumstances built into policy.
> Regards,
> Mike

My understanding, and the premise on which I acquired a /24, was that 
multihoming was, in and of itself, sufficient justification for a direct 

It's a multi-stage problem, IMHO:

1a) you can't get a /24 from your upstream if you can't justify the 
usage [although upstreams are often lax on this rule]
1b) you can't get anything smaller than a /24 from ARIN

2) you can't successfully/usefully advertise or use anything smaller 
than a /24

3) you typically can't successfully/usefully advertise ISP A's address 
space (even when correctly delegated) via ISP B.  Reasons for this vary 
from technical (route aggregation &| filtering in large transit 
networks) to contractual (thou shalt not...) to incompetent (ISP B 
insists this isn't possible).

You'd think the incompetence-based reasons would weed themselves out 
over time, but Canada doesn't exactly have a thriving competitive 
marketplace for transport.

I haven't had time to review the policy (old and new), so I may be 
basing all on incorrect assumptions.  Hoping to make time to re-read 
both current and past policy on Friday.

-Adam Thompson
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