[arin-ppml] Multi-homing justification removed?

Mike Burns mike at iptrading.com
Thu Nov 20 13:43:05 EST 2014

Still, in the age of exhaustion the
building case against needs testing "should" also remove multi-homing
as a requirement to acquire your own address block so that you do not
have to constantly renumber or be captive. -Martin Hannigan

I personally would be more amenable to considering a policy change to 
liberalize the requirements for getting a /24 if/when they're available from 
the transfer market only.-Scott

Hi Martin and Scott,

Just to present the reminder that 2014-14 would answer here, as it would 
provide the ability for entities in the sorts of situations being discussed 
to purchase up to a /16 without a needs test on the transfer market.

2014-14 presents a relief valve for ARIN members facing this issue, and many 
other known and unforeseeable issues.
Transitioning to a paid market for addresses can only be expected to create 
turbulent conditions.
It would be nice for members to know they have a outlet for exigent 
circumstances built into policy.



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