[arin-ppml] ARIN IPs and Spammers?

Bon Onlines bononlines at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 17:48:37 EST 2014


I recently got some spams from some IPs within an ISP( datacenter )
and contacted them regarding that, however their respond to me was
something like :

We are unable to find DNSBL listings supporting that this client is a
spammer. In determining whether to deem a client a "spammer", we use
only the most well-respected and authoritative blacklists, such as
Spamhaus. Unfortunately, reputation-based websites like Senderbase
don't help in this determination, as they remove all the relevant
diagnostic information.

Our client has handled the very few abuse issues that they have
received in a prompt and concise manner.

If you find hard evidence that any of our clients are engaging in
spam, please send a report with as much detail as possible to us. We
strive for transparency in our abuse process, so we invite you to CC
Spamhaus on any reports that you send.

[...] does take spamming seriously and are not tolerant of any spam activities.

However if I give you the ip addresses and  their as number you will
see that all the rdns records are something like garbage.garbage.com
and this is definetly used for spams. I am not sure if they are
keeping him for money ... More than 1K ip or even more. it might made
them more than 2-3K $ monthly ...

The more important from my end as an end user is that ARIN has to take
some actions for such companies and retrive their ip assignments.

I would like to hear from you all and also someone at ARIN about this matter.


On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 11:36 PM, Michael Peddemors
<michael at linuxmagic.com> wrote:
> On 14-11-06 01:24 PM, Bon Onlines wrote:
>> Hey all,
>> What do you think about the number of ARIN ips belongs to spammers
>> nowadays? I have done a researched recently and found alot companies
>> how have assigned more than thousands of IPs to some spammers around
>> the world.
>> Do you think such assignments are fair? Shouldn't arin take some steps
>> to stop such abuses of ips?
>> I would be happy to hear your thoughts.
>> Thanks
>> _______________________________________________
> You don't REALLY want to hear my thoughts on this..
> Even worse, the IPv4 runout is encouraging providers to use up all their
> available IP space in anyway they can, and spammers are a ready taker :)
> And it does strain credulity that spammers somehow need several /16's..
> Unfortunately, it isn't ARIN's mandate (at this time) to make any kind of
> judgement on the usage, only that it is used..
> Which of course does set up the possibility for what many would consider an
> abuse of the systems..
> But, if you are a spammer, I am sure they believe they have a right to
> them..
> The system does work that way though..
> Get a /24, fill it up with spammers, and you can get more space ..
> and so on, and so on...
> What you need to do is ask, is there a better system?  If so, how to get
> that to be part of ARIN's mandate.. but trust me, concensus on even this is
> hard...
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