[arin-ppml] Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2014-12: Anti-hijack Policy

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Wed May 21 16:03:39 EDT 2014

I think "should" is sufficiently strong, and gives ARIN Staff a little 
wiggle room to do what makes sense.  There really have never been that 
many experimental allocations.

We had a big whoopsie with all 5 RIR's authorizing /12 anchor routes. 
ARIN probably won't do that again anyway, but it's still worth a small 
fix in policy, just to be clear about it.  The sentence is question is a 
little rough, so while we are at it a little editorial clean up is 
probably in order, but please let's not over do it.

I really would like to hear from a few more people about if this 
editorial change is a good idea or not, even a few +/-1s would be helpful.


On 5/21/14, 13:52 , Leif Sawyer wrote:
> s/should/must
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>> In looking at the sentence in question; I think the "have" in the
>> sentence is extraneous, and can deleted.  Then changing "this" to "a
>> larger allocation" and the tense changes you suggest, results in;
>>    If an organization requires more resource than stipulated by the
>>    minimum allocation sizes in force at the time of their request,
>>    their experimental documentation should clearly describe and
>>    justify why a larger allocation is required.
> s/resource/resources/
> s/minimum allocation sizes/applicable minimum allocation size/ s/experimental documentation/request/
> result:
> If an organization requires more resources than stipulated by the applicable minimum allocation in force at the time of their request, their request should clearly describe and justify why a larger allocation is required.
> I think this not only parses better, but is more accurate.
> The first change resolves a grammar error.
> The second change avoids ambiguity between whether all requests are subject to all minimums in this case vs. the intended meaning that the minimum applicable elsewhere in policy.
> The third change is because their documentation should be documentation of an experiment, not experimental documentation and what we really care about is the information provided in their ARIN request anyway.
> I think since this is a minor change which does not alter the meaning of the policy and does improve readability and clarity, that we should probably go ahead and incorporate it as you proposed prior to last call.
> Owen
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