[arin-ppml] Federal Communication Commission

Meows Meows at techie.com
Sun May 18 09:41:51 EDT 2014

Hundreds of thousands of us worked with groups like Demand Progress, 
CREDO and Free Press, flooding the FCC with so many calls that they had 
to literally turn their phones off.

*That still wasn't enough to stop Chairman Tom Wheeler from backing an 
Internet for the 1 percent — 
**We need to make it crystal clear to all five FCC commissioners that 
the public demands Net Neutrality.

Seems all the talk here is redundant,, in face of government control of 
every facet of the internet. Who is going to care about *

Policy Proposal Name: Reduce all Minimum Allocation/Assignment units
Re: [arin-ppml] Adding Enforcement mandate language
when the us government is taking total control of it,

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