[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-208 Reduce All Minimum Allocation/Assignment Units to /24

Kevin Blumberg kevinb at thewire.ca
Tue May 6 02:10:24 EDT 2014


The current section currently deals with multi homing and host count for end users and is not changed by this policy. A simple option would be to change in a future proposal to include allocations. The change to remove the host count requirement would probably also affect a number of other area's including slow start. 

The multi homing section would of needed a number of changes and removals to move to the /24 allocation size. Once that section had changed it would have been essentially duplicative.

Do you support the substantive changes in this policy? Are there any suggestions you might have to fix the issue that doesn't leave duplicate text in the NRPM?


Kevin Blumberg

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On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 9:44 PM, Kevin Blumberg <kevinb at thewire.ca> wrote:
> I'm sending out a revised version of prop-208. Included is an attachment with a redline version to assist.
> I would appreciate any feedback of support or questions.

I OPPOSE the draft as written.

Don't collapse singlehomed and multihomed. You'll just have to put them back when we accept being multihomed as qualification for a /24 regardless of host count. If you must make changes this extensive, fix that too. Multihomed and cash already qualifies you for a /24 from your ISP anyway.

Bill Herrin

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