[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-208 Reduce All Minimum Allocation/Assignment Units to /24

George Herbert george.herbert at gmail.com
Mon May 5 22:26:54 EDT 2014

Support the fully fleshed out redline etc version.


On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 6:44 PM, Kevin Blumberg <kevinb at thewire.ca> wrote:

> I'm sending out a revised version of prop-208. Included is an attachment
> with a redline version to assist.
> I would appreciate any feedback of support or questions.
> Thanks,
> Kevin Blumberg
> ARIN-prop-208 Reduce All Minimum Allocation/Assignment Units to /24
> Proposal Originator: Owen DeLong
> Date: 5 May 2014
> Problem Statement:
> As we approach runout, more and more end users and smaller ISPs will be
> unable to obtain space from their upstreams and will be seeking space from
> ARIN. In order to meet these needs to the extent possible and to make
> policy more fair to a broader range of the ARIN constituency, we should
> reduce the minimum assignment and allocation units for IPv4 to /24 across
> the board.
> Policy statement:
> Remove all references to minimum allocations /20 and /22 replacing them
> with the term allocation or with /24 when referencing minimum size blocks.
> Change the title of to "ISP Requirements" with revised text
> stating:
> All ISP organizations must satisfy the following requirements...thus
> eliminating the entire Multi-homed section and subsections along with other
> superfluous example text.
> Delete the special case allocations/assignments for the Caribbean as the
> new /24 minimums are an improvement.
> Comments:
> a. Timetable for implementation: Immediate b. A red line version has been
> included
> Full text version of changes for easy reference:
> Minimum allocation
> In general, ARIN allocates /24 and larger IP address prefixes to ISPs. If
> allocations smaller than /24 are needed, ISPs should request address space
> from their upstream provider.
> ISP Requirements
> All ISP organizations must satisfy the following requirements:
> Use of /24
> The efficient utilization of an entire previously allocated /24 from their
> upstream ISP. This allocation may have been provided by an ISP's upstream
> provider(s), and does not have to be contiguous address space.
> Renumber and return
> ISPs receiving a new allocation may wish to renumber out of their
> previously allocated space. In this case, an ISP must use the new
> allocation to renumber out of that previously allocated block of address
> space and must return the space to its upstream provider.
> [section number retired]
> 4.3.2 Minimum assignment
> [section moved to 4.3.2]
> The minimum block of IP address space assigned by ARIN to end-users is a
> /24. If assignments smaller than /24 are needed, end-users should contact
> their upstream provider.
> [section number retired]
> 4.9 [section number retired]
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