[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-208 Reduce All Minimum Allocation/Assignment Units to /24

Kevin Blumberg kevinb at thewire.ca
Mon May 5 21:44:55 EDT 2014

I'm sending out a revised version of prop-208. Included is an attachment with a redline version to assist. 

I would appreciate any feedback of support or questions. 


Kevin Blumberg

ARIN-prop-208 Reduce All Minimum Allocation/Assignment Units to /24 
Proposal Originator: Owen DeLong
Date: 5 May 2014
Problem Statement: 
As we approach runout, more and more end users and smaller ISPs will be unable to obtain space from their upstreams and will be seeking space from ARIN. In order to meet these needs to the extent possible and to make policy more fair to a broader range of the ARIN constituency, we should reduce the minimum assignment and allocation units for IPv4 to /24 across the board.

Policy statement:

Remove all references to minimum allocations /20 and /22 replacing them with the term allocation or with /24 when referencing minimum size blocks.

Change the title of to "ISP Requirements" with revised text stating: 

All ISP organizations must satisfy the following requirements...thus eliminating the entire Multi-homed section and subsections along with other superfluous example text. 

Delete the special case allocations/assignments for the Caribbean as the new /24 minimums are an improvement.

a. Timetable for implementation: Immediate b. A red line version has been included

Full text version of changes for easy reference: Minimum allocation
In general, ARIN allocates /24 and larger IP address prefixes to ISPs. If allocations smaller than /24 are needed, ISPs should request address space from their upstream provider. ISP Requirements
All ISP organizations must satisfy the following requirements: Use of /24
The efficient utilization of an entire previously allocated /24 from their upstream ISP. This allocation may have been provided by an ISP's upstream provider(s), and does not have to be contiguous address space. Renumber and return
ISPs receiving a new allocation may wish to renumber out of their previously allocated space. In this case, an ISP must use the new allocation to renumber out of that previously allocated block of address space and must return the space to its upstream provider. [section number retired]

4.3.2 Minimum assignment [section moved to 4.3.2]
The minimum block of IP address space assigned by ARIN to end-users is a /24. If assignments smaller than /24 are needed, end-users should contact their upstream provider. [section number retired]

4.9 [section number retired]

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